Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds, also referred to as metaverses, are not created equal. The choices of offerings and the level of constraints vary significantly from one platform to the other. Each one also has its own advantages and disadvantages. At present, Avatrian focuses its primary efforts on three leading metaverse platforms...Second Life, Entropia Universe, and Active Worlds. This decision was influenced by the relative richness of these on-line communities, the stability of its in-world economy, and the progressiveness of its intellectual property regime.

Top Reasons to Be in the Metaverse

  1. Fresh branding opportunities
  2. Participation in an economy of more than $US 500,000,000 per year
  3. Access to a demographic market that is difficult to reach
  4. Contribute user-generated content in the fastest growing new media platforms
  5. Develop a new outlet for creative expression
  6. Provide an educational tool with remote and distributed capabilities
  7. Lower cost of business operations in prototyping, product evaluation, and feedback gathering
  8. To play, interact, be entertained, and escape

Metaverses At-a-Glance

Second Life Entropia Universe Active Worlds
Creator Linden Labs MindArk Activeworlds, Inc.
Inception 2003 2002 1996
Location San Francisco, CA Goteborg, Sweden Newburyport, MA
Number of Users 13,118,466 574,298 > 2,000,000
Growth Rate 20% per month
In-world Currency Linden $ PED
Size of Economy $US 1,908,742/day
Companies with Presence American Apparel, Reuters, Toyota Vexed Generation Clothing, 21st Century Fine Art MTV, Wells Fargo
(Data as of April 4, 2008)

Other Platforms

OpenSim, Nurien, Blue Mars, HiPiHi, Multiverse and VastPark are other metaverse platforms that also take part in the 3D online virtual world industry.

Books We Recommend

If you would like to immerse yourself more in the topic of Virtual Worlds, these books can serve as excellent primers:

Snow Crash
Snow Crash
by Neal Stephenson
Play Money
Play Money
by Julian Dibbell
Synthetic Worlds
Synthetic Worlds
by Edward Castronova
Second Life
Second Life
by Linden Labs

The Making of SL
The Making of Second Life
by Wagner James Au
Creating your world
Creating Your World
by Aimee Weber
Second Life 2nd Edition
Second Life 2nd Edition
by Linden Labs
Scripting Your World
Scripting Your World
by Dana Moore