The Terrain Factory

The Terrain Factory is where we design, create, and sell *.RAW Files depicting Second Life representations of various terrain features found in the real world and in our imagination.

Our Terrains
The Kanion: 3d map rendering

Our terrains are intially created, edited and tweaked in 3D Programs such as Corel Bryce and 3D Studio MAX. Thus, we have absolute control of the entire sim's shape, right down to determining the deep and shallow parts of water areas, steepness of slopes, and the overall smoothness or roughness of particular sections of the sim. Our final *.RAW files are then, tested in Second Life to ensure fidelity of the terrain shape compared to the initial 3D models that we created in the 3D programs.

The result is a breathtaking, well-shaped terrain that comes alive in your Second Life sim. And what's more, we can tailor it according to your specific needs if needed. Need that hill to be flattened a bit on the top for a club? Need that beach to have less slope for a large beach party? The choice is yours--we simply edit it to suit your needs. Terrains that work for you, in a snap.

Why Buy a Terrain File?

The manual terraformation of an entire sim can be a tedious, daunting task which could take much time and repetitive work. This is primarily due to the difficulty in estimating overall shape of the sim from a distance. The solution is in *.RAW files.

What we do is design the terrain outside of Second Life using professional 3D Mesh Editing tools. Occasionally applying various real world sources (if the terrain is based on a real world location), we extract the grayscale contour image of the mesh we make and compile it into a .RAW file. This file is then ready to be uploaded into Second Life using the Region/Estate menu.

Our Products
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