Avatrian can provide start-to-finish management of small to large-scale projects, such as building out an entire island or creating a large event for many participants. The range of services that we offer is listed in detail below:

Content Creation

Content Creation is simply about making stuff. Both craft and art are involved in the building of virtual objects in 3D. And, this entails the manipulation of primary building blocks, object linking to form more complex shapes, and texturing of surfaces for the finishing touches. Examples of content include furniture, vehicles, and houses. But, it does not have to be objects that necessarily exist in the so-called real world. Content in the metaverse is only limited by what you can imagine in a 3D environment.

Urban Build

Urban Build is a specific service offered by Avatrian for the construction of large structures such as buildings, skyscrapers, and transport systems that span whole regions or large parcels of land. Since this involves large objects made from numerous building blocks, we combine with traditional building a mathematical method for programmatic construction. If Content Creation is art and craft, then Urban Build is most definitely science and engineering. RMB City, Alameda County and Camp Big Falcon are some of our previous urban build projects.


Just like in the real world, before anything can be built, the first consideration is the foundation. In Second Life, this involves the terraforming of land parcels or whole regions of simulators. This process alone can already be a tedious and labor-intensive task. But, it is important that the groundwork is set properly prior to the construction and placement of structures. Avatrian's terraformation services include the landscaping of land parcels, creation of custom .raw terrain files for simulators, and application of proper terrain textures for various elevation levels.

Clothing and Accessory Designs

We can design and make articles of clothing, uniforms, and accessories to accomodate male, female, and non-human avatars alike. In this process, we use a combination of in-world clothesmaking tools and off-world templates to enhance the creation process. Making clothes in the virtual world requires a very unique set of skills and innate talent for fashion style. We have applied our expertise when making our own clothes and uniforms in-world. We can help you with the creation of your own individual style and identity.

Machinima Production

As of February 2009, Avatrian's machinima production services have been spun-off into a seperate unit. Our sister company, Machitopia, now handles all machinima production services. This includes pre and post production for unscripted, showcase or high art types of machinimas. Please visit Machitopia's company website for portfolio samples and services provided.

Avatar Customizations

First impressions still matter even in the virtual world. And, how someone presents himself or herself to others still carry a long lasting impact. If you have a particular avatar look that you have in mind, Avatrian can be of help. Whether the character you would like to represent yourself is of human or non-human form, we can create a customized look that will suit your needs.

LSL Programming

We have scripters and programmers that are well versed in LSL...the in-world programming language of Second Life. Whatever functions you would like to accomplish, we can deliver scripts that you can embed in the virtual objects that you use. Our Scriptology Lab showcases some of the LSL programs we have created in-world and have made available to the public.

Extended Services:

  • Website Development
  • Graphic Arts Design
  • In-world Research
  • Virtual Land Purchasing Assistance
  • Systems Integration
  • Project Management