Avatrian makes virtual objects with longevity. Below are examples of various projects in our portfolio:

BioBreedsLove dogs? Get a puppy box then watch the birthing process unfold to get your own virtual pet. You'll need to feed and care for your dog if you want to raise and breed it. There are currently pugs and labrador breeds with more to come. Avatrian has created the Pug, Doberman, Rottweiler models for our client BioBreeds...a leader in the virtual pet industry in Second Life. And our collaboration is set for long-term creation of additional dog breeds, other animal pets and non RL derived creatures. Keep abreast of our latest output via our blogs.

UCFThe Florida Institute of Government in the University of Central Florida has commissioned Avatrian to develop a virtual voting center in Second Life. The creation is as close to a real life voting center in the State of Florida. And, UCF intends to use the space primarily has a training space for employees, volunteers and voters. Avatrian implemented the voting center in the UCF New Media Lab parcel in Second Life. It includes the main structure, exterior, interior, original textures and scripted animations for the equipments used in the voting center. UCF will be conducting classes in this space on a regular basis beginning the spring of 2010.

MoonWorldMoonWorld is NASA-funded lunar simulation project for learning and exploration of the moon in the virtual environment of Second Life. It was conceived and developed by the Center for Educational Technologies in close collaboration with Avatrian . The 3D visual content closely resembles the unique geologic features of the Timocharis region of the moon. Avatrian also implemented the full data visualization of the system including an array of LSL scripts, control flow in PHP and database storage in MySQL. MoonWorld opens to the public on October 17, 2009. This advanced Second Life simulation project was showased by CET at the ModSim World 2009 Conference & Expo.

The MedaverseThe Medaverse is in the forefront of developing 3D web as an interactive and immersive alternative to browsing flat web pages. The hallmark of The Medaverse is the combination of interactive content as part of a greater medically based community. This is a place where visitors may find accurate information about health and disease while socializing in a safe and supportive environment. Avatrian built the Asthma Medaverse sim, created realistic anatomic models, produced animations for asthma attack scenarios, developed the website and produced several machinimas for the project.

Alameda CountyAlameda County is a county in the U.S. state of California. It occupies most of the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. The County of Alameda commissioned Avatrian to create the first virtual polling place in Second Life. It is located inside a replica of the Oakland courthouse. The sim opens to the public May 2009 and serves as an educational outlet for new voters as well as an instructional tool for real world poll-workers.

RMB CityAs chief engineers of RMB City, Avatrian is responsible for its implementation in the Second Life platform as envisioned by our clients, Cao Fei and Vitamin Creative Spaces. More than just a virtual urban development project, RMB City also serves as a social experiment which spans the duration of 2 years starting from its inception on July 14, 2008. Avatrian is tasked not only to create the structural elements which is very prominent in the city, but we are also engaged in scripting objects, producing vehicles and customizing avatars. Moreover, we function as advisors for the proper management and maintenance of the estate within the four-sim regions of RMB City.

KINSAAvatrian was approached by a non-profit NGO based in Toronto, Canada. The Kid’s Internet Safety Alliance is interested in creating a virtual space for their organization in Second Life. Design discussions resulted in a decision to create a Winter Playground theme for KINSA’s presence. This implementation was showcased by Linden Labs in secondlife.com's hotspots, was included in the Second Life Winterfest select venues, and even featured since December 2008 as a recurring login image for the Second Life client. Along with the development of the space, Avatrian also produced a machinima showcasing the different activities available to avatars visiting the Winter Playground.

LeviathanIn the field of astronomy, the Victorian era’s most significant contribution was the Leviathan of Parsonstown. At the time, it was the largest telescope ever built in the world. The construction of the Leviathan in Second Life was commissioned to Avatrian by Troy McLuhan. He is one of the most prominent resident and recognized scientist in Second Life.This replica in Second Life is faithful to the details of the original Leviathan telescope. The client unveiled the telescope in the Space Island simulator and then later on exhibited it in the Astronomy sim.

SnougleSnougle is “quirky humor inspired by animals, plants, and life”. Initially a web comics that appears three times a week, it can now be seen as a garden exhibit in Second Life. Avatrian created a series of six animals...a California Condor, a French Lop Rabbit, an Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, an Okapi, a Blue-Footed Booby and a Rockhopper Penguin. Snougle animals are created using a combination of traditional, sculpted and flexible prims to achieve an organic/natural look and maximize the 3D effect. You can visit the web version of Snougle at www.snougle.com. And, you can teleport directly to the Snougle garden via SLURL here…

Medieval CorridorA series of medieval armours including the English Plate Armour, Italianate Harness, and the Teutonic Knight. These are designed with precision based on historical armours. In addition, the Medieval Corridor also has fantasy inspired armours such as the Shadow Templar, Illuminati Overloard and the Warrior Princess. Some of our armours are rezzed for inspection. Armours in Spell Fire enabled version is also a part of the collection.

Terrain FactoryThe Terrain Factory offers ready-made .raw terrain files for the terraformation of whole region simulators in Second Life. These terrain files provide simulator owners and estate managers with a non-standard landscape that fits the intended purpose of their virtual lands. Included in the collection are terrains based on real world inspirations and fictional landscapes. You can find terrains with formations such as volcanic island craters (Torini), river crossed valleys (Forked River), idyllic islands (Bora Bora Bora), or mountain peaks connected via land bridges (Sant Michel) among others. Furthermore, the Terrain Factory has customized distinctive islands and landscapes for several simulator owners in Second Life as a part of its terraformation offerings.

Evolution ChamberEyes, shapes, skins, hair, tattoos...anything to make your avatar represent more of who you truly are. Avatrian has developed personalized avatars for clients who wanted their avatars to be more or less representative of their real life appearance. The avatars we have created include an SL entrepreneur, a CEO of an international IT firm, a famous musician in the Netherlands, a gallery curator in Beijing, an artist from the Philippines, a Hollywood celebrity and many more.