Meet The Team

We are a group of artists, engineers, generalists, specialists, realists & dreamers. Our cumulative professional background spans the fields of Computer Science, Architecture, Economics, Interior Design, Medicine, International Relations, and Graphic Arts. Meanwhile, our interests outside of work spans an even wider scope of field. Well-rounded individuals are probably the best people to provide a rich experience in virtual environments. Everything must come from something. And, we draw on our educational and cultural diversity to bring original creations to the metaverse.

CHENIN ANABUKI After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science and Economics, Chenin Anabuki worked for various companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also been involved with small to large-scale software engineering projects for consumer goods, finance, biotech and industrial design institutions in Silicon Valley. In addition to his Bachelor's, Chenin holds a Master's Degree in International Development Studies from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in The Netherlands. His graduate school thesis is an assessment on the impacts of micro-finance on rural poverty. Chenin Anabuki started Avatrian because it fulfills three of his most fervent goals...entrepreneurial, technological, and developmental. During his free time, Chenin enjoys drinking tea, reading Harry Potter and snowboarding down a black-diamond run at Lake Tahoe. Fortunate enough to travel and visit over 135 cities in the world, he considers Barcelona as his favorite. View Dennis Bacsafra's profile on LinkedIn When asked about his proudest achievement, Chenin recalls the time he hiked by himself to the peak of the High Atlas mountains in Morocco. "It was when I realized how much more I am capable of doing". Chenin can often be found in Second Life teleporting to various sites while overseeing in-world projects at Avatrian.
RODION RESISTANCE is the eldest son of two college professors. He grew up in a household which encouraged the pursuit of practicality and a passion for creative thinking. Possessing a knack for designing and having artistic ability, he originally aspired to become an architect. But, he soon found himself digressing into all sorts of related disciplines which also piqued his interest. Among these are computer science, computer graphics, and creative writing. He eventually earned a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature. As the Creative Director at Avatrian, he oversees the design of products to ensure that it meets client requirements in regards to the image they wish to promote. Rodion is also charged with initiating and stimulating creative ideas from everyone involved in the development process. In addition, he closely manages the development of internal and external projects at Avatrian. Rodion is a student of military history and an avid fan of aviation and flight simulation. He is fond of reading books by James A. Michener, Carl Sagan, Tom Clancy, and Robert Jordan. He is also an amateur astronomer and is into outdoor activities such as backpacking, snorkelling, and bicycling and airsoft wargaming.
LOVELETTE YIFU "A little piece of love" is what Lovelette's parents had in mind when they named her at birth. And pretty much, she has lived up to her name by always being gracious and kind to everyone she meets. She is naturally drawn to babies and small kids. But her friendliness and charisma is felt by everyone. In addition to her innate good nature, Lovelette is most probably the most effective multi-tasker on the planet. She juggles daily tasks, work projects, and personal to-do's without even breaking a sweat. At Avatrian, she wears many different hats....Office Manager, Local Business Advisor, Virtual Jewelry Maker, Bookkeeper, Organizational Diva, Guest Relations Officer, Event Coordinator, Internet Researcher, Edgy Wear Model, and Human Resources Coordinator are just among a few of her roles. Most importantly, she rises to every challenge with a smile on her face. Lovelette is probably the quintessential glass-is-half-full person.
STARDUST ISODO is the youngest man in the team. He's the son of two computer hardware entrepreneurs and he's the "jack of all trades, master of none" in the family business. Christian almost lived a lifetime with computers and its surrounding entities. Along with any childhood favorite with computers is the strong enthusiasm for gaming. He also handles the only gamer community in Cebu City and loves to organize LAN Parties as his way of socializing with fellow gamers. Not only an enthusiastic gamer, he is also adept and experienced in building complex web applications and server infrastructure for various organizations. Outside gaming, he listen's a lot to music specifically to the 'House' music genre and one of his dreams is to become a House Musician. He reads classic books ranging from Ayn Rand, Dante Alighieri, Jonathan Swift and many more which led him into mixed ideologies and philosophies. In Avatrian, Christian is an OpenSim Administrator and helps in the company to develop web applications or content.
FABSKEE HEARTSDALE is a family man, passionately in love with his wife. He is a loving father to his daughter Star. This guy dreams to achieve the best life offers. Fabskee is an artist who shares his talent to others and dreams to have an organization of his own that can develop the creativity and the artistic talents of youngsters. Graduated from an art course majoring in advertising, he ventured to the competitive industry of advertising. After 2 years, he tried out marketing and found to love what he was doing. Even in a real estate Company, he was able to use his creative skills by developing the company's advertising campaign. A year later, he transferred to a fashion and multi-product company with a higher marketing position before he transferred to Avatrian. Believing that pursuing a dream can make a difference, Fabskee built up this attitude that everything is possible. He was amazed of where his hobbies (drawing, painting, layouting and designing) have brought him to where he is right now.
STEVE MEMOTECH is a full-fledged technofreak. Steve is always on the lookout for the newest gadget, gizmo, or technological breakthrough in SL and RL alike. An apprentice to one of the great minds from The City of Waterfalls, he seeks the truth behind cognitive intelligence. Despite his endless search for knowledge in the field of technology, he still finds time to relax, drive around town, enjoy delicious cuisine, and spend time with his girlfriend. Steve found his spot in the Avatrian team as a Public-Relations Officer, always reaching out to people in-world and out and continuously exploring both worlds for technology that Avatrian can assimilate into their ever-growing content-creation arsenal.