About Us

Avatrian is a full-service metaverse development company (MDC) that delivers products and services for 3D online digital worlds. We help individuals and businesses understand and harness the power of virtual reality. Once purely in the domain of game and play, these new digital spaces have emerged to become viable environments for social gathering and business transactions. 3D on-line worlds such as Second Life, OpenSim, Blue Mars and Entropia Universe are experiencing phenomenal growth through the virtual participation of real individuals engaging in real activities within real economies. Our specialization is in the virtual world of Second Life and OpenSim which are the platforms for the majority of our projects since we started on November 2006. We are recognized by Linden Lab as a Gold Solutions Provider using the criteria for high level of client satisfaction, a track record of developing successful projects, and demonstrated expertise working with real world organizations. We are also listed in OpenSimulator.org as a public grid.

Avatrian fulfills three main functions as an MDC.

First, we provide off-the shelf products for direct purchase by users. As a part of the offering, we have also customized some off-the-shelf products for clients with specific needs. The product lines created by Avatrian include .raw terrain files for simulators in Second Life and OpenSim, full armour sets for avatars, a collection of street-style urban clothing wear, ready-made/modern/minimal residential and commercial building structures and custom avatars based on real-life images. These products are made available through in-world vendors and web-based marketplaces for merchandise.

Secondly, we offer full-service development to individuals and businesses that need help with establishing a presence in the metaverse. The size of our development work has ranged from a set of virtual objects showcased in a parcel up to a full four-sim implementation of a conceptualized city. For the successful completion of these projects, Avatrian used a combination of in-house skills in various areas such as:

  • Traditional primming/building
  • Texturing, texture mapping, baked lighting
  • Flexi primming
  • Sculpted primming (inside and outside SL)
  • Terraforming
  • Avatar skin/clothing template design
  • Scripting in LSL
  • Project management
  • Original graphic design
  • Estate/region/parcel management of access/security
  • Client training

Third, Avatrian provides full machinima pre and post production to showcase client projects via videos entirely produced in-world. On February 2009, this service was spun off as a separate division named Machitopia.